Product Categories


-How does travertine form?
         Travertine forms when carbon dioxide and mineral waters are mixed and trapped with air pressure beneath the surface of the earth.

-Where does your material come from?
         We mine our own material from our various quarries located in Honaz district of Denizli, Turkey and then process them in our facilities.

-What kind of products do you sell?
         Our company offers natural stones like travertine and marble as well as volcanic stones like basalt and granite.

-In which areas can we use your products?
         Depending on material, our products can be applied almost anywhere. Most popular areas of use are outdoor and indoor surfaces as well as walls. They can be applied as flooring too.

-How do you measure the dimensions?
         We use both inch and metric measurements on our products.

-How do you transport the products?
         Our products come in specific wooden crates with protective plastic wrapped around them and their product information cards attached to the crates. We use FOB for international shipments, but any other shipment method can be arranged upon request.

-Do you accept extraordinary measured orders?
         Yes, we can arrange that. However, be aware that delivery times can be affected due to pending orders with common dimensions.