About Us

KOMURCUOGLU MARBLE CO. is family owned company and founded in Denizli in 1982 to step into mining industry. With the mission of emphasizing on reliable, honest and high quality service and customer satisfaction, the company has reached 1.000.000 m2 production its own plants per annum. Komurcuoglu Marble Co. dedicates itself to produce large variety and unique products to the world.

Thanks to the latest technology adopted for time saving and qualified productions, the company has achieved to export primarily to the United States and Europe and also to the rest of the world demanding the excellence.

KOMURCUOGLU MARBLE CO. supplies and extracts travertine blocks from its own mine sites with the help of innovative and modern technology techniques and in good weather conditions these mining sites continue to produce throughout the year without a break. As a concerned member of this market Komurcuoglu Marble Co. continuously improves its production lines to reach new heigts in order to provide effective customer satisfaction in service and sales, inland and abroad...